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Program Overview

During the ALCI’s 120-hour TESL/TEFL Certificate program, participants develop essential skills for teaching English Language Learners in a domestic or international context. The curriculum, presented by a team of ALCI master instructors, includes a historical overview of the theories and methodologies which have most impacted modern language-acquisition pedagogy, and “how-to” courses (focusing on instructional strategies for basic core skills). Participants receive ample opportunities for developing effective lesson plans and syllabi, practicing classroom management strategies, peer-teaching, and classroom facilitation. Participants must also demonstrate an understanding of the concepts covered in class through individual and group projects, as well as written reflections and quizzes. The 6-week summer course runs Monday through Friday on the CSUSM campus for a total of 20 hours per week, and the 15-week spring courses is offered Tuesday and Thursday evenings for 8 hours per week. (Please note that the Summer 2020 course is being offered online only as a result of the campus COVID-19 response.)

Program Outcomes

By the end of the 120-hour Certificate program, participants will:

  • Understand the historical progression of theories and methodologies which have impacted currently used approaches for instructing English Language Learners;
  • Explore and analyze a wide variety of strategies, materials, and best practices used to teach English as a Second or Foreign Language;
  • Develop their skills for creating well-structured and effective lesson plans and syllabi;
  • Develop more confidence when presenting instruction to a classroom audience;
  • Become more familiar with cultural conventions and diversity which can impact international educators in their respective teaching environments; and
  • Reflect on their own English-language skills (so as to provide an optimal model of oral and written English communication to future students).