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International Student Showcase

International Student Showcase- Flyer

Multi- Campus Event

We are super excited to share about a fantastic event we are having April 15. We are working with USD, UCSD and SDSU to host the very first multi-campus International Student Showcase!

 The event is an opportunity for our fabulous international students from all of the campuses to “showcase” their creative ideas and perspectives about the value of our international community and experiences.

  • We encourage you to participate by submitting some type of multi-media endeavor/project. Submission suggestions: a video, powerpoint, poem, song, drawing, photograph, etc. created by you. 
  • Each campus will review submissions received by their students and select submissions for showing at the virtual International Showcase.
  • All students are invited to the International Showcase to enjoy the submissions and connect with international students from the various campuses.
  • Prizes for TOP submission(s) at the showcase!

Submission Due Date: April 9, 5:00PM

For submission information please email Ayari Valenzuela Macias -

International Showcase: April 15, 12:00PM