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Request for Verification Letter

For Current International Students

Please use this form to request a verification letter. The types of letters we can provide for students are:

Verify Full Time Status: This letter will state that you are a current F-1 student at CSU San Marcos.

Verify Full Time Status and Cost of Attendance: This letter will state that you are a current F-1 student at CSU San Marcos and will list all tuition and fees paid/due for the current or upcoming semester.  If you need verification of other costs related to attendance, such as housing, parking, health insurance, and personal expenses, please explain in "Comments/Special Requests" section of this form.

Concurrent Enrollment: This letter will verify that you have an active F-1 visa at CSU San Marcos and will allow you to enroll in additional classes at a community college.  During Fall and Spring semester: Concurrent enrollment is in addition to 12 units at CSUSM.  For exceptions to this policy, please see the International Student Advisor.

You will be notified by e-mail when your letter is ready.  If you have not received your letter by e-mail within 5 business days, please come to the Office of Global Education in person, or e-mail 

Fill out my online form.