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Grant Proposal Seed Money (GPSM)

To encourage and support faculty in the development and submission of proposals for external funds, CSUSM through the Office of Graduate Studies and Research provides Grant Proposal Seed Money (GPSM).  These funds may be used for activities such as:

  • Refining ideas
  • Creating plans and designs
  • Trying out methodologies
  • Collecting preliminary data
  • Conducting pilot or preliminary activities
  • Reworking grant proposals that received encouraging review but were not funded
  • Seeking fellowships
  • Promoting collaboration

Proposal areas may include research, scholarly activities, and/or pedagogy. The funds may be used for supplies, equipment, travel, stipends, student assistants, grant writing assistance, or other needs associated with proposal development for grants or fellowships. 

GPSM Application Instructions

  1. Download the GPSM application in Word. 
  2. Once completed, please email your application, curriculum vitae, and supporting material (i.e., project narrative or synopsis, budget summary or funding justification, etc.) to We encourage you to write your application as you would write a grant proposal submission.
  3.  You will be contacted by the GPSM Award Committee within two weeks of submission. 

If you have any questions about the GPSM application process, you are encouraged to contact Melissa Teetzel or any member of the GPSM review committee (Merryl Goldberg, George Vourlitis, Raj Pillai, Keith Trujillo and Laurie Stowell).

For questions or issues regarding the application, please contact Grants and Contracts Development at