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Post-Award Administrative Support

The Office of Graduate Studies and Research offers grant support to faculty who have active grants managed through CSUSM Corporation when their project meets certain criteria.  As a member of the OGSR Grants and Contracts Development team, the Grants and Contracts Administrative Support Coordinator will provide faculty with assistance in completing the CSUSM Corporation and University processes for the procurement of goods and services.  The following outlines the services offered through OGSR as well as the activities that will continue to be the responsibility of the principal investigator/project director (PI/PD).

The OGSR Grants and Contracts Administrative Support Coordinator will support PIs/PDs whose projects meet certain criteria through the following expenditure actions:

  • Purchasing supplies with a ProCard
  • Initiating travel requests and expense claims
  • Creating requisitions/purchase orders (e.g. for equipment/services) and guiding PI/PDs through the documentation needed (e.g., Cost Justification or Sole Source Forms)
  • Initiating Hospitality Forms and reimbursement through Direct Pay Forms when relevant
  • Guiding PIs through the Independent Contractor Determination Checklist, independent contractor agreement, and purchase order process by sharing forms, collecting Payee Data Records, and initiating independent contractor agreements
  • Starting the process to request an Employment Authorization Forms (EAFs) for staff, faculty, and students hired through CSUSM Corporation
  • Initiating the Gift Card Request Form and purchasing gift cards

PIs/PDs will remain responsible for the following:

  • Making travel reservations
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Hiring students and employees
  • Reviewing and approving timecards
  • Conducting employee performance reviews
  • Reconciling budgets
  • Signing off on ProCard purchases
  • Distributing and tracking participant incentives
  • Justifying unauthorized purchases
Additionally, PIs/PDs will need to allow ample time and provide complete information requested (e.g., budget account codes, period, rate of pay, business purpose, etc.)  The PI/PD is the fiscal authority and is responsible for fiscal oversight of the project.