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International Research Symposium

Each Spring, the Committee for International Research holds a research symposium to showcase the international/global research and creative activities of CSUSM faculty.

We aim to:

  • Bring together people from different disciplines to share their work and explore collaboration possibilities.
  • Foster discussion through informal mini-presentations of faculty work.
  • Learn about the exciting and innovative international research of our faculty.
  • Educate CSUSM and our surrounding community about our amazing work!

2022 Symposium (virtual)

The Committee for International Research (CIR) encourages you to attend the virtual Spring 2022 International Research Symposium on Thursday, April 14, and Friday, April 15. This year, faculty from CHABSS, COBA, and CEHHS will present their research, scholarly, and creative works during informal mini-presentations and discussions.

The event is free and open to the entire campus community. Please share with your colleagues and students.

Session I: Thursday, April 14, 2022, 11:00 AM-12:15 PM. Zoom meeting:

11:00 am | Antonio Zaldívar, moderator


11:05 am | Ching-Ming Cheng, Associate Professor & Concert Pianist

CHABSS School of Arts, Music & Theater

"Two Friends, Two Pianos": The Creation of a Two-Piano Concert

11:15 am | Xiaoye She, Assistant Professor

CHABSS, Political Science

Going Multilateral and Going South: Indonesia’s Evolving Strategies in Development Cooperation

11:25 am | Jill Weigt, Professor

CHABSS, Social Sciences

Studying Heavy Industry, Gender, and Corporate Representation in Iceland

11:35 am | Katherine Brown, Professor

CHABSS, Communication

International and Interdisciplinary Work on Human Development and Change

11:45 am | Jon Spenard, Assistant Professor

CHABSS, Anthropology

Digital Reconstructing the Early Archaeology of Rio Frio Cave, Belize

11:55 am | Antonio Zaldívar, Associate Professor

CHABSS, History

Constructing Iberian Identities, 1000-1700

12:05 pm | Conversation and Wrap-Up


Session II: Friday, April 15, 2022, 11:15 AM-12:20 PM. Zoom meeting:

11:15 am | Liz Ridder, moderator


11:20 am | Teru Toyokawa, Associate Professor

CEHHS, Human Development

Transition to Adulthood and Career Pathways Among Japanese Young People

11:30 am | Paola Ometto, Assistant Professor

COBA, Management

The Sacred Cow? Private Sector Protests in Brazil, 1998-2015

11:40 am | Dino Bozonelos, Lecturer Faculty

CHABSS, Global Studies

International Efforts to Secure Sacred Sites: Capacity and Autonomy Across Countries

11:50 am | AsherLev T Santos, Assistant Professor

CEHHS, Public Health

Global Health Cooperation and Diplomacy

12:00 pm | Liz Ridder, Associate Professor

CHABSS Liberal Studies/Geography

Interpreting Ancient Human-Environment Interactions Through Aerial Mapping

12:10 pm | Conversation and Wrap-Up


Download the schedule and abstracts here.

Spring 2021 Symposium Recordings

No recordings at this time.