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Graduate Studies Handbook


Graduate Studies Handbook 

Welcome to California State University San Marcos (CSUSM)! We are pleased that you decided to
enroll at our campus. CSUSM offers high-quality graduate programs with talented faculty. Our
campus values graduate education and takes great pride in the accomplishments of our
graduate students and alumni.

This handbook outlines key university policies for general graduate school requirements and
timelines. It is very important for you to become knowledgeable of these policies and attend to
them as you progress through your graduate program curriculum. Furthermore, consulting with
your graduate program coordinator and faculty advisor is essential toward ensuring your
completion of specific requirements for your master’s degree.

The Office of Graduate Studies & Research is committed to facilitating your success in graduate
school. Our office works closely with graduate programs to provide guidance and support. We
also offer services and resources to support graduate programs and graduate students, such as
support to present your work at conferences, academic development workshops, and
scholarship opportunities. We hope that you take advantage of the services and resources
available to you.

We promote a strong graduate culture and community to enrich your graduate experience. We
organize several graduate student activities including the annual Mixer and End-of the-Year
recognition event. We encourage you to participate in graduate program co-curricular activities,
the Graduate Representatives Council, and to help build a vibrant graduate community at
CSUSM. We look forward to hearing about your success!