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Policies and Forms

Academic Year 2020-2021 Instructions

  1. Locate correct form and download. Fill out and sign if possible. 
  2. Route to authorized signers* (usually the Graduate Program Coordinator/Director.
  3. Submit form electronically to appropriate department (Registrar's Office / Admissions / Graduate Studies and Research, etc.) 

*We will accept email approval as signatures for 2020-2021. Subject to change. Please email if you have any questions.

Policies, Actions, and Forms
Policies Action Related Forms or Information
Concurrent Master's Degree Credit Obtain approval to take Master Degree courses while finishing a Baccalaureate degree  Concurrent Postbaccalaureate Credit Request Form
Continuous Enrollment Policies - Five-Year Time Limit  Obtain approval for additional time beyond the five-year time limit to finish master's degree Extension Request Form (through Adobe Sign)
Course Repeat Policy-Graduate Obtain approval to retake a course to improve GPA Contact Graduate Coordinator of Master's Program
Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement - Graduate Level (GWARGL) Procedures and criteria for meeting the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement Contact Graduate Coordinator of Master's Program
Continuous Enrollment Policy - Leave of Absence  Obtain approval for Leave of Absence (LOA) from program.  Leave of Absence Request Form (Master's Students)
Master's Thesis and Project Committee Composition Guidelines for a thesis or project committee Contact Graduate Coordinator of Master's Program
Graduate Probation and Disqualification Reinstatement Probation and disqualification standards. Consideration for reinstatement from academic or administrative probation. Reinstatement Petition
Use of Undergraduate Courses in Master's Degree Program Guidelines for receiving graduate credit for upper division undergraduate courses Contact Graduate Coordinator of Master's Program
Second Master's Degree Guidelines for a second master’s degree in the same discipline Email Graduate Studies for more information

Provides continuation of graduate standing for students finalizing culminating activities (approved thesis, project, and exam) Grad E699 Form
N/A How to apply and file for graduation  Applying to Graduate
N/A  Required form to admit students into a graduate degree program- for Graduate Program Coordinator Use Only  Department Decision Form
N/A  Application to receive funding for student travel Graduate Research Dissemination Fund Application
Withdraw from Courses Please follow the guidelines for course withdrawals posted on the Registrar's website Withdrawal Form