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Graduate Dean's Award

2015 - 2016
Graduate Dean's Award

In Spring 2016, Ms. Shelley Dutt earned her Master’s of Science in Biological Sciences with a focus in Immunology. She was nominated by her faculty, and selected by the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research to receive the 2015-2016 Graduate Dean’s Award due to her outstanding scholarship and achievement in academic, professional, and service activities.

Ms. Dutt graduated from UC Irvine in 2010 with degrees in Criminology and in Anthropology. Her interest in Biology began after completing Dr. Bianca Mothé’s course in Immunology, where she discovered a passion for understanding disease, and especially the body’s natural response to infection. She joined Dr. Julie Jameson’s lab where she honed her research and clinical skills, and took on a lab leadership role on a clinical project that focused on wound healing with kidney transplant patients. The project was conducted in collaboration with researchers at UCSD and the California Institute for Renal Research.  
Ms. Dutt’s empirical thesis, The Impact of Everolimus on Wound Healing in Renal Transplant Patients, focused on an analysis of clinical samples from 40 patients. As a result of her thesis work, she will join a laboratory at Stanford this summer as a research associate. Dr. Jameson highly praised Ms. Dutt’s thesis work stating, “This is such an extensive project that usually a post-doctoral fellow would be heading it up with the help of several technicians.”

Ms. Dutt is truly an outstanding example of what can be accomplished as a graduate student at CSUSM. She built a foundational base in biology before enrolling in her master program, and once in the program, she distinguished herself in the lab, the classroom, and through STEM service activities. By working closely with CSUSM faculty mentors, she was able to develop a depth of knowledge in immunology, and her thesis project far exceeds the standards for a culminating experience.