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Graduate Dean's Award

2016 - 2017 Graduate Dean's Award

Christie Jaeger earned her Master of Arts degree in General Experimental Psychology in Fall 2016 and was nominated by her faculty and selected by committee to receive the 2016-2017 Graduate Dean’s Award.

Christie came to CSUSM in 2014 after completing a dual BA in Psychology and Environmental Studies from Metropolitan State University of Denver. She came to CSUSM specifically to study environmental issues, and she wanted to focus her graduate work on the behavioral aspects of water conservation. Christie graduated with a 3.97 GPA and her nominated faculty stated that she was a clear stand-out in all of her graduate courses, and she was consistently the top ranked student in her courses.

While her accomplishments in the classroom are noteworthy, her research and culminating experience are truly exceptional. In her research, Christie worked with the Olivenhain Municipal Water District (OMWD) to develop and test a new outreach strategy to encourage residents to conserve water. In addition to her outstanding culminating experience, Christie was actively involved in several other professional, academic, and service activities during her time at CSUSM. She collaborated with the US Forest Service on a large-scale evaluation project focused on the benefits of nature experiences for children living in urban areas, and she submitted three manuscripts for consideration in peer reviewed scientific journals. One of these papers was accepted for publication in the Journal of Environmental Psychology on which she is the lead author. 

Her success both in and out of the classroom show that graduate education at CSUSM can have a positive impact on our local community, while at the same time making important contributions to the knowledge base in an academic discipline.