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Internal Approval Process

Each extramural funding request (proposal) submitted through OGSR requires administrative approvals prior to submission in accordance with CSU Executive Order 890.  The approval process begins with and is contingent upon a fully developed project budget.  The OGSR Grants and Contracts Development Team works closely with the Principal Investigator or Project Director (PI/PD) to finalize the budget. Once the budget has been completed, the OGSR Grants and Contracts Development Team, with the assistance of the PI/PD, completes the Sponsored Project Approval Form (SPAF). 

The E-Signature Process

The OGSR Grants and Contracts Development Team oversees the SPAF signature process, which is now completed through DocuSign, an electronic platform. When the SPAF is set into motion through DocuSign, it will be sent to the necessary signatories sequentially. The steps below describe the required actions to electronically sign the SPAF.

Step 1

Click the link in email from DocuSign.

Accessing the document is possible with one click from virtually any
internet-enabled device. 


Step 2

Follow the DocuSign tabs

Tabs and simple instructions guide you through the signing process,
including prompts to "sign" with an electronic signature.


Step 3

Finish signing

Click "Finish" to complete the process. This action will automatically forward
the electronic document to the next signer. 

All signers will receive a copy of the fully-executed document upon completion.

The DocuSign system is set up so messages will not be sent to Junk or Spam folders.
If this should occur, adjust computer security setting to allow email messages from
domains: and

For additional information or questions, please contact Elizabeth Bell or Teri Woods.