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Congratulations to the winners at the 2012 CSU Statewide Competition!

First Place: Carlos Gonzalez

Runners Up: Xochitl Cruz, Ryan Suffridge and Gavin Rose. (Ryan Suffridge presented on behalf of the group at the CSU Statewide Competition

Carlos Gonzalez Research

Xochitl Cruz Research

2011-2012 FINALISTS

(in alphabetical order)

Sean J. Davis - Dr. Linda Shaw, faculty mentor
Sociological Practice, Graduate
Getting Better: Learning and Improving at the Local Skate park

Carlos Gutierrez Gonzalez - Dr. Keith Trujillo, faculty mentor
Biological Sciences, Undergraduate
Behavioral Differences between Adults and Adolescents with Ketamine Administration

Aaron Harlan - Dr. Thomas Spady, faculty mentor
Biological Sciences, Undergraduate
Analysis of Seasonality of birth in giant pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)

Eleuterio Limas - Dr. P. Wesley Schultz, faculty mentor
Psychology, Graduate
Reusable Bag Use Behaviors at Major Grocery Stores

Jehovani Lopez - Dr. Jacqueline Trischman, faculty mentor
Biochemistry, Undergraduate
Isolation and Characterization of Anti-mycobacterial Metabolites from the Extract of Marine Bacterial Strain UA-323

Joanna  Malfavon-Borja - Dr. Denise Garcia, faculty mentor
Biological Sciences, Undergraduate
Validation of Reference Genes in qPCR of IHHNV Infected Litopenaeus stylirostris

Shirlee  Moore - Dr. Sharon Hamill, faculty mentor
Psychology, Undergraduate
Gender as a Moderator between Parental Closeness and Self Reliance

Kaitlin Phillips - Dr. Kendra Rivera, faculty mentor
Communication, Undergraduate
Technology Poses Challenges and Opportunities within the Classroom

Dalziel Soto - Dr. Jeff Nessler, faculty mentor
2011 CSU Statewide Winner
Kinesiology, Undergraduate
Changes in Trunk Orientation Affect Bipedal Body Weight Supported Stepping in Spinal Cord Injured Rats

Xochitl Cruz, Gavin Rose and Ryan Suffridge - Dr. Konane Martinez, faculty mentor
Anthropology, Undergraduate
Addressing Health Disparities in North San Diego County through Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services