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Congratulations to all the finalists at the 2014 Symposium on Student Research, Innovation, and Creative Activities. These finalists advanced to the CSU Statewide Student Research Competition in May 2014.

Statewide Winner

Zane Cooper- Dr. Zhiwei Xiao, faculty mentor
History, Graduate
The Chinese Cowboy

Statewide Runner-Up

John Walsh- Dr. Jill Watts, faculty mentor
History, Undergraduate
Blaine, Blaine, The Tattooed Man from the State of Maine

CSUSM Student Research Competition
2013-2014 Finalists

Jose Banuelos- Dr. Matthew Escobar, faculty mentor
Biology, Undergraduate
Auxin Biosynthesis in Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Christine Lee- Dr. Kendra Rivera, faculty mentor
Communication, Undergraduate
Communicating Learner Empowerment in a Montessori Classroom

David McMillan- Dr. Todd Astorino, faculty mentor
Kinesiology, Undergraduate
Comparison of metabolic and hemodynamic responses to two maximal aerobic exercise tests

Madison Perry- Dr. Stephen Tsui, faculty mentor
Applied Physics, Undergraduate
Characterization of Universal Dielectric Response, Negative Capacitance in compressed nanopowders

Amanda Roos- Dr. Keith Trujillo, faculty mentor
Psychology, Graduate
Effects of Methamphetamine on Reward-Related USVs in Rats

Carlos Rosas- Dr. Heike I. M. Mahler, faculty mentor
Psychology, Undergraduate
Intragroup and Intergroup Discrimination and Mental Health among Latinos

Ricardo Vasquez- Dr. Kendra Rivera, faculty mentor
Communication, Undergraduate
"Someone to Talk to": The Importance of Conversations for At-Risk Kids

Jessica Wombolt- Dr. Nancy Caine, faculty mentor
Psychology, Graduate
Common marmosets’ (Callithrix jacchus) response to snake characteristics