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Door Decorating

The Alumni Association is sponsoring an office door decorating opportunity as a way for faculty and staff to get involved in the Homecoming festivities.

Should your office choose to participate, show off your school spirit by decorating a visible door during Homecoming Week, November 28-December 2.  The first 30 offices to sign up will receive a decorating starter pack which includes:  art paper for door, streamers, blue and white balloons, and a roll of blue tape.

Important Things to Include in Your Door:

  • Creativity and originality
  • Use of School Colors
  • Incorporation of Fight Song
  • Quality of work


  • Door displays should be visible.
  • Do not use materials that will damage doors, office walls, or lobby areas.
  • No nails, tacks or stables may be put into the doors and all adhesives used must be fully removable.  Blue tape is the only acceptable tape to be used.
  • Door handles must remain visible and operational.   Office/door decorations may not impede the usage of the office door, compromise ADA compliance, or pose a safety hazard.  Decorations must be fire retardant. No glitter, confetti or other small particles may be used.
  • Do not use anything that makes noise and disrupts the work of the office or others around.
  • The Alumni Association is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage of office door and door decorations.
  • Any participant doors containing material deemed offensive by the campus community will be asked to remove the decorations. 
  • All participants will be respectful of other participants, and will behave appropriately. 

All doors should be decorated by Monday, November 28 and remain decorated until Monday, December 5, 2016.

CSUSM Fight Song:

From the coast to the hills of San Marcos,
We are Cougars hear us growl
Climbing the stairs to victory
Throw up your Tukwut towel

From the coast to the hills of San Marcos,
We are Cougars let’s get loud
Our teams are making history
They always make us proud

Watch out for our bite,
We are not afraid to fight.

Stay True! (clap) (clap) Bleed Blue! (clap) (clap)
Stay True! (clap) (clap) Bleed Blue! (clap) (clap)

Cougars. Fight. Win.