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Rape Aggression Defense

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Could You Effectively Defend Yourself If Attacked? 

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Rape Statistics

1 out of every 4 college women polled was sexually assaulted during four years at college. (Ms. Magazine Study of Sexual Assault and Rape.)

Assault and Rape

Between 1973 and 1987, (14 years), over 2.3 million women reported sexual assaults in the United States. 71% of these victims avoided being raped by taking self-protective measures. (United States Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics.)

Develop Your Options

In 1988, rape victims took self-protective measures in 86.7% of the cases. "Rape victims were more likely to defend themselves than assault or robbery victims." (Criminal Victimization in the United States 1988).

Don't Be Victimized By Fear

"In fact, the most often used strategy for avoiders (of rape) appears to have been a combination of screaming and use of physical resistance." (Bart, P. & O'Brien, P. 1985). Stopping Rape: Successful Survival Strategies. Pergamon Press, New York.)

RAD Objective

"To develop and enhance the options of self defense, so they may become viable considerations to the woman who is attacked." Larry Nadeau, Executive Director

Contact Information: The department RAD point of contact is Sergeant Ida. If you have any questions about the program you can send an email or call them (760) 750-4567.

Our department has prepared a pamphlet on Sexual Assault which we encourage all to download, read, and share with others.

Safety Tips for Date Rape Drugs

  • Do not leave beverages unattended
  • Watch your drink.
  • Do not accept drinks from anyone, especially a stranger or at a party. At a bar or club, accept drinks only from a bartender or wait staff.
  • Drink only from bottles and cans you can open yourself.
  • Discard any beverage that looks or tastes suspicious. Do not drink it.
  • Watch out for friends or others who may appear disproportionately intoxicated in relation to the amount of alcohol consumed or after drinking for only a short time.
  • Avoid drinking from punch bowls.
  • Monitor your alcohol intake so that judgment or alertness is not impaired.

If you suspect that you or someone else has ingested a date rape drug or any sedative-like substance, get help, call 911 or get to a hospital immediately. Tell medical staff what you suspect so that appropriate tests and samples can be taken.

Campus Safety Tips

Although the crime rate at CSUSM is very low, you should still be alert and use common sense to protect yourself and others from becoming victims of crime. When you go out, keep these safety tips in mind.

  • Learn the best routes between your residence, car and your classes and activities.
  • Take the safest route, not the fastest route.  Request an escort from the police department during hours of darkness.
  • Travel in groups of two or more at night and always walk in well-lit, heavily traveled areas.
  • Stay on the part of the sidewalk that is farthest away from shrubs, dark doorways, and alleys.
  • Share your class schedule with friends and family, effectively creating a buddy system.
  • When you go out, let someone know where you are going and when you plan to be back.Know where the emergency telephones are located. 
  • Wherever you are, stay alert to your surroundings and the actions of people around you.
  • Follow your instincts. If something doesn't feel right, change directions, go to an emergency phone or into a public building, or call University Police (911 on campus)
    (760) 750-4567.
  • Do not leave your belongings unattended, even for a few minutes.
  • Avoid displaying large amounts of cash or other tempting targets such as jewelry or expensive clothing.Always lock your bike, use a bike locker to store your bike.
  • Always lock your car and keep valuables out of sight. Check the back seat before getting in.
  • Park in well-lit, well-traveled areas of the parking lot.

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Must attend all class dates.
Course is 12 hours total.

Lifetime Return for all participants.


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