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How to get involved

How can students get involved on campus?

Student involvement is crucial to the student success. CSUSM prides itself on having many clubs and organizations, fraternities, sororities and intramurals that create a fun, meaningful and memorable experience on our campus.

There are several involvement opportunities in our community: 

  • Attend a program!
  • Assist an RA with planning an event.
  • Volunteer at an RA event.
  • Attend an RHC Town Hall Meeting.
  • Come to one of our large scale events such as Geek Week, Alcohol Awareness Week, Humans vs. Zombies, Thursday night at the community building (art night, poker night and coffee bar!)
  • Volunteer as an RHC building senator.
  • Plan or attend an RHC Event.
  • Volunteer with one of our many service initiatives including:  Homeless Connect, toy and food drives, the Native American Cultural Festival and Service Initiative in Arizona, Habitat for Humanity Alternative Spring Break service trip.
  • Be a part of CSUSM O-Team.
  • Be a Village Volunteer during move-in!
  • Join a club, organization. Greek life, ASI, or USUAB/CAB on campus.
  • Volunteer in one of the Social Justice Centers on campus including:  The PRIDE Center, Women's Center and Cross Cultural Center.
  • Join an academic department organization or honor society.

And Many More!

Links to Student Life and Leadership as well as our Student Organizations. We invite you to peruse and explore these options. We are sure you will find a great fit and a chance to be involved on our active campus.