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Residential Learning Community and Theme Housing Options

We are looking forward to helping you create your new home at the University Village Apartments (UVA) or The QUAD! As you make your choice on where to create your new home, we wanted to invite you to live in our residential learning community or themed housing.

Residential Learning Community

Open to first time fresman only

While living in a Residential Learning Community (RLC), you live amongst the students in some of your classes (6-9 units), have an exclusive orientation with other RLC students, and participate in unique and personalized activities.

If interested in taking advantage of one of these communities, please apply below:

San Marcos Experience (SME) is focused on leadership development and community and civic engagement.

Benefits of participating in an RLC include:

  • Registration for 6-9 units reserved for SME/HWE students
  • SME courses count for General Education credit
  • Exclusive overnight orientation for RLC students
  • Leadership and involvement experiences all year long
  • Shared classes and living neighborhoods with fellow RLC students


  • Must be provisionally admitted to CSUSM for the 2018-2019 academic year
  • Submit intent to enroll
  • Apply to live in University Housing (UVA or The QUAD)
  • Select SME when you apply for Housing and complete separate SME application
  • Not enrolled in another specialty program (EOP, CAMP, TRIO/SSS, Summer Early Start Courses ESM 111/ESW 120, or Athletics)

Themed Housing Communities

Open to all residents

Our themed housing communities will offer individualized support and deeper community building opportunities through programming.

Communities include:

  • LGBTQA Housing
  • Substance Free Housing
  • Gender Inclusive Housing (mixed gender apartments)

If interested in taking advantage of these communities, please apply to CSUSM Theme Housing.

All of these options are also located on your housing application at both the UVA and The QUAD. If you have any questions or would like more clarification, please contact Allie Serrano, Resident Director, at