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Exemption Criteria

Live-on Housing Requirement

Exemption Criteria and Required Documentation

Independent student status – Student must have been declared an independent student for the past two calendar years and not claimed by their parent(s) during the same period or over the age of 21 by the start of the fall semester. Verification is required.

Married, domestically partnered, and/or with legally dependent children – Copies of marriage certificate or certificate of registration of domestic partnership and/or child’s birth certificates are required.

Medical and disability circumstances – Documentation must verify circumstances which prohibits the students from being able to successfully live in student housing. 

Current active military or veteran’s status – Student must verify by submitting a copy of the DD Form 214 (Certificate of Release and Discharge from Active Duty) or written proof of current active military duty.

Living at home with parent/guardian – Student will be living at home with the parent/legal guardian during their entire freshman year. Requires parent/guardian signature.

Limited credit student - Students carrying five (5) credit hours or less for the entire academic year may be granted an exemption.

Financial hardship – Student must provide documentation to substantiate financial hardship.  Appropriate documentation varies with the situation, but some form of external documentation that supports the claim of a hardship must be submitted. 

NOTE: Please delete or remove Social Security Numbers from any documents prior to submitting them.

Other – Where it can be conclusively demonstrated that special circumstances exist which would create a substantial personal hardship which is impacted by living on campus and cannot be remedied by alternative means.  Verification is required.

If you have questions about the criteria, documentation or process, please email them to