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Telecommuting and Remote Work

Return to Campus Transition

We understand that due to caregiving or other special circumstances, some employees may not be able to return to campus full time on August 2. Managers will work with staff on an individual basis to address these unique situations. Any employee who requires reasonable accommodations due to their own health condition should reach out to the Office of Human resources to discuss options.

Workplace adjustments and/or reasonable accommodations due to health conditions as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and/or Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) does not apply to employees making a request for the following reason(s);

  • You are a caregiver for an individual with a disability;
  • There is someone in your household who has a medical condition or disability;
  • Lack of childcare or related concerns

Employees should contact their manager to discuss whether any other leaves or workplace adjustments may be available to them outside of the ADA/FEHA reasonable accommodation process.

Routine Telecommuting

 The University supports the use of a telecommuting work option in positions where appropriate and beneficial to the University and the employee. Telecommuting opportunities are based upon the duties of the employee's position as assigned by the appropriate administrator and program requirements as determined by the appropriate President's Administrative Team (PAT) member. Eligibility of represented employees may vary by bargaining unit, depending upon negotiated agreements.

The opportunity to participate in a telecommuting program is offered only with the understanding that it is the responsibility of the employee to ensure that a safe and proper work environment is maintained (e.g. an ergonomically appropriate and safe workspace is required; dependent care arrangements are made as not to place dependents at risk of a lack of appropriate care or interfere with the employee's ability to perform work; personal disruptions such as non-business telephone calls and visitors are kept to a minimum, etc.).

Additional information will be provided once the University's Route Telecommuting and Remote Work Policy has been finalized.