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Other Important Information

Academic Records Fee

California State University San Marcos has an Academic Records Fee of $6.00 per semester. Employees taking advantage of the Tuition and Fee Waiver benefit are required to pay this fee.
Resource: See Graduation and Transcript Fee memos dated July 30, 2002 and August 7, 2002.

Attending another CSU

The Tuition and Fee Waiver benefit allows eligible employees, or their dependent to attend any CSU in the system. Eligibility is established at the campus of employment. All forms must be signed by California State University San Marcos before being sent to another CSU campus. Release time does not apply to courses taken at off-campus locations.

Credit/No Credit

All Tuition and Fee Waiver courses must be taken for a letter grade. Credit/No Credit, or auditing a class is not acceptable under the CSU Employee Tuition and Fee Waiver and Reduction Program. In order for an employee to continue participation in the program, normal academic standards shall be maintained.

Employee Roles and Responsibilities

Plan ahead. Make sure all forms are filled out completely, including a manager's signature on all forms. Take the time to speak to your manager in advance regarding your plans and make arrangements for release time well in advance. Turn in all forms as soon as possible, and no later than three weeks before the first day of classes. Register through MyCSUSM unless otherwise notified. Pay your tuition and fees early to avoid disenrollment. If you alter your schedule in any way, please contact OHR as soon as possible.

Late Registration Fee

Tuition and Fee Waiver recipients are subject to late fees of $25.00, if fees are not paid by the due date. Please note that you will not be sent a billing statement. MBA Program: The courses required for this program, including the prerequisite courses are applicable under the Tuition and Fee Waiver benefit. Participants must complete the GMAT before admittance to the MBA program. For more information regarding the MBA Program, contact the College of Business Administration at x 4243.


Employees participating in the Career Development Plan are encouraged to attend an Orientation session in order to register as a matriculated student. Release time is not granted for these sessions; however, there are some orientation sessions during non-work hours.

Release Time

Release time for on-campus Tuition and Fee Waiver courses is described in the bargaining unit contracts. Please check the details of your specific contract. Release time does not apply to courses taken at off-campus locations. Take time to discuss release time with your manager/supervisor before registering for courses during your normal work hours.

Summer Sessions

Employees eligible for Tuition and Fee Waiver benefit may apply for state supported courses offered during summer months.

Taxability Schedule

See IRS Tax Guidelines in Technical Letter HR 2003-30 Attachment C