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EEP Guidance for Managers

In many cases, employees may turn to their managers for more information about the Early Exit Program and what it means for their department. Although managers should listen and be empathetic to their employees, it is critical that they do not guide or influence their decision. Managers must remain completely neutral regarding an employee's choice to participate in the Early Exit Program to ensure it is truly voluntary.

Because your team may look to you for guidance and support, it is important that you are familiar with the EEP Terms and Conditions so you may respond appropriately. If an employee has more specific questions related to retirement or resignation, please direct them to

Providing Support to Employees

  • What is my role as a manager?

    You are responsible for conditionally approving your employee's Early Exit Application by reviewing the anticipated last day of employment and confirming that, to the best of your knowledge, they are eligible to participate in the EEP. The Office of Human Resources will confirm CalPERS and CSUSM service eligibility. To ensure the timely receipt of EEP Applications, please review and approve applications received as soon as you are able.

    You should not reach out to any employees to discuss the EEP and should remain neutral with any employees who approach you.

  • Do I need to allow employees time to complete the EEP Application during work time?
    You should ensure that employees who have indicated that they wish to apply for the EEP have access to a computer and a reasonable amount of time to complete the EEP Application during work time. This is particularly important on June 1st since the EEP Application will not be available until the start of the application period that morning at 8:00 a.m. and applications will be reviewed and processed on a first come, first served basis.
  • Can I discuss this with eligible employees who report to me?

    Managers should not reach out to eligible employees to discuss the Early Exit Program. You should not attempt to advise an employee to apply to the program and/or to remain with CSUSM.

    Most importantly, managers should remain neutral in any discussions with eligible employees.

    • Don't advise an employee on what decision to make even if they ask for your opinion
    • Don't proactively reach out to any eligible employees to discuss the program
    • Don't persuade or influence an employee's decision in any way
    • Do guide the employee to for answers to their questions


    This is a very important and private decision. You play an important role in ensuring the employee's decision-making process is truly based on their own situation and judgment.

  • What if eligible employees contact me with questions about the program or what may happen in the future?

    Employees may come to you and seek your general thoughts and/or personal opinions of the Early Exit Program or other upcoming changes. Your comments could influence an employee's decision or be easily misinterpreted. As a manager, it remains your role to communicate with and listen to your employees, but rather than providing information you should direct them to appropriate resources.

    • Don't share your personal situation and/or opinions on the program
    • Don't share your prediction about other potential changes that may be ahead
    • Review and understand the basic information about the program and direct any questions to the appropriate resources.


    Respond to questions you do know, using the answers provided here and direct employees to appropriate resources for answers to questions you cannot answer - but do not try to provide plan information or retirement counseling to employees. 

  • Can I discuss the program with other members of my team?

    Managers should remain positive, balanced, visible and available and ensure their team members understand the changes they can anticipate and the need for adaptation, flexibility, and openness to change.

  • What if employees ask about the budget or upcoming department planning?

    This may be a stressful and confusing time for all employees - regardless of whether they are eligible for the program. Employees will look to their managers for guidance and support. It is important that managers demonstrate their individual commitment to stay focused on the mission of the team or department.

    • Don't communicate organizational decisions until the Early Exit Program conditional approval process is complete
    • Don't think you have to have all the answers
    • Do reach out to HR with any questions or concerns