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CHRS Recruiting Features

What can CHRS Recruiting Do?

Applicants can:

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  • Scan a quick response code to navigate to a job listing
  • Apply via desktop computer, tablet, or cell phone
  • Upload information from a resume into the application automatically
  • Attach any type of file, any size of file or any number of files to the application
  • Send confidential letters of recommendation
  • Receive an electronic notification when a new job of interest is posted
  • See the status of their application
  • Review the offer and accept or decline electronically

Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and Administrators can:

  • Use a paperless, electronic system for position management and approvals
  • Hire quickly using internal talent pools which are easily created and maintained
  • Post to multiple sites simultaneously
  • Source  hard-to-fill positions with talent search function
  • Onboard new employees easily through an onboarding portal
  • Track sources of candidate applications to find best resources
  • Improve the hiring process using analytics dashboards
  • Use a dashboard to view recruitment statuses and manage tasks

Search Committees can:

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  • Access applicant materials in one place for all committee members
  • Review and evaluate applicants, as well as provide feedback
  • Easily add committee members who are not with the University
  • Search Committee Chair can see each committee member's responses