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CHRS Recruiting is coming to CSUSM! The Common Human Resources System (CHRS) Recruiting platform is being developed to help us attract, hire and onboard talented faculty and staff more efficiently and effectively. Behind the scenes we are configuring the software to work for CSUSM and will be partnering with division representatives throughout campus to test each change and process. As with any change, we will be offering training and support sessions to ensure all who have access and play a role are comfortable and familiar with the process.

Anticipated implementation July 2021. Stay tuned for more information!

Why CHRS Recruiting?

  • Provide a paperless, end-to-end recruiting process from initial request to hire through onboarding
  • Provide standardized recruitment processes and practices
  • Modernize recruiting searches for faculty, staff and administrators
  • Improve hiring processes and inform decision making through enhanced reporting and analytics

Other Significant Improvements

  • Online workflow with embedded approvals
  • Improved candidate experience including resume parsing
  • Robust and automated communications
  • Interview question library and guidelines
  • 100% paperless and mobile-friendly
  • Streamlined onboarding including electronic sign in documents and tracking checklist

Authorizing sponsors:

  • Kent Porter, Interim Associate Vice President, Human Resources
  • Michelle Hunt, Associate Vice President, Faculty Affairs
  • Kevin Morningstar, Dean and CIO, Instructional and Information Technology Services