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Summer 9/80

The campus has approved the voluntary implementation of a Summer 9/80 work schedule for CSUSM staff and MPP employees. Managers may offer this alternate work schedule to their staff and MPP employees as long as it does not adversely impact operational effectiveness of the department. 

There are two effective dates for managers and employees to consider when choosing a Summer 9/80 work schedule:

  • Schedule 1: May 26, 2024 through August 3, 2024
  • Schedule 2: June 2, 2024 through August 10, 2024

Since the 9/80 work schedule provides for alternating Fridays off without the need to use vacation hours, employees should keep this in mind when requesting a Summer 9/80 schedule. 

A regular work week is considered to be Monday through Friday. For a 9/80 work schedule, the work week period begins at the midpoint of the bi-weekly 8-hour day. Employees work nine (9) hours per day on four (4) consecutive days during each calendar week and an additional eight (8) hour shift on the alternating fifth (5) consecutive day every other week during a fourteen (14) consecutive day period of time. The second Friday in the fourteen day cycle is a regular day off. 

If an employee is assigned to an alternate work schedule and a holiday is observed on a non-workday, the employee remains entitled to the holiday observance if they are in pay status on the day the holiday is officially observed. The number of paid hours for the holiday observance is typically equal to the employee’s normal workday.

  • Employees who choose Schedule 1, May 26, 2024, through August 3, 2024, will observe 9-hour holidays on Memorial Day (May 27, 2024), Juneteenth (June 19, 2024) and Independence Day (July 4, 2024).
  • Employees who choose Schedule 2, June 2, 2024, through August 10, 2024, will observe a 9-hour holiday on Juneteenth (June 19, 2024) and Independence Day (July 4, 2024).

Employees who would like to participate in the Summer 9/80 work schedule must complete the appropriate 9/80 Work Schedule Request Form, and include their appropriate administrator in the workflow.  The appropriate administrator should consider the operational needs of the department when making a determination to approve or deny the employee’s request.  

9/80 Request Forms Due 5/21
Approved forms are due to HR by May 21, 2024.

Applying for a 9/80 Schedule 

  • Requesting a 9/80 Schedule

    Staff and MPPs requesting a summer 9/80 Work Schedule must submit 9/80 Work Schedule Request Form and include their appropriate administrator. The completed request form will route to the Office of Human Resources.

    Please ensure you select the correct request form dependent on your position as an exempt or non-exempt employee. 

    For Exempt employees, please select: FA-Human_Resources(HR)-Summer_9-80(Exempt)Request_Form

    For Non-Exempt employees please select: FA-Human_Resources(HR)-Summer_9-80(Non-Exempt)Request_Form

    All employees are required to update the Files section of the workflow by adding their name (see highlighted section below):

    workflow name

    Approved forms are due to HR by May 21, 2024.

  • Summer 2024 9/80 Schedule Options
  • Excess/Minus Hours for Non-Exempt Employees

    Under the State pay plan, salaries are paid to employees for either 21 days (168 hours) or 22 days (176 hours) depending on the number of days in a pay period. This is based on a standard work schedule of Monday – Friday, 8 hours per day. If an employee works an alternate work schedule (i.e., 9/80) a fluctuation in hours occurs.

    Excess Hours – Additional hours an employee works that exceed the standard 168 or 176 hours in a pay period.

    Negative or Deficit Hours – Hours not worked - when an employee works less than the standard 168 or 176 hours in a pay period.

    Non-exempt employees who participate in the summer 9/80 work schedule will use excess hours to offset any deficit hour balances. If a deficit balance does not exist, employees will be compensated for any hours worked in excess of the standard hours in a pay period.

    Both Summer 9/80 Work Schedule options list the excess/minus hours for each month for that schedule.

Please contact Human Resoucres via email at with any questions you may have regarding this form.