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February Focuses on Emotional Wellness

Wellness is the pursuit of continued growth and balance and consists of many different dimensions. Each dimension contributes to our own sense of wellness or quality of life, and affects and overlaps with others. Tips for optimal emotional wellness include:

  • Tune-in to your thoughts and feelings
  • Culivate an optimistic attitude
  • Seek and provide support
  • Learn time management skills
  • Practice stress management techniques
  • Accept and forgive yourself 

Events & Activities

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The Importance of Kindness

Being kind can strengthen your relationships and sense of satisfaction in life. Let's all be kind and encourage a culture of kindness with the practices outlined in this article, written by Karen Hall, Ph. D. and Director/Owner of the Dialectical Behavior Therapy Center in Houston, TX.



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Personal Resilience Seminar

One factor influencing our stress level is how well we manage our energy. The concept of energy management is based on a new way of looking at self-discipline. It challenges the widely held view that time management is the key to work/life balance. Content includes paradigm shift, energy management principles, engaged vs. stressed vs. disengaged, and developing positive rituals.

WHEN:  February 12, 2020 from 12:00 - 1:00 pm

ENROLL:  CSU Learn course ID ilt_CSUSM_WELLNESS-0003


heart of appreciation

Employees are the heart of CSUSM!

Show your appreciation for a fellow colleague by filling out a heart of appreciation. The Office of Human Resources will be hand delivering your 'heart of appreciation' on Thursday, February 13th!

Stop by the Office of Human Resources (Craven Hall 1200) to fill out a heart of appreciation! Please be sure to have your hearts of appreciation filled out by Wednesday, February 12th.



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Pop-up Fitness: Yoga

Break up your day with a relaxing, gentle yoga class! Experience a variety of postures designed to bring incredible strength, flexibility, and endurance to the body and a sense of stillness to the mind.

WHEN: Wednesday, February 26, from 12:00-1:00 p.m.

ENROLL: CSU Learn course ID ilt_CSUSM_Pop-up_Fitness-0008