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May 2019

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Mental health is one of life's greatest assets. It helps us focus at work, overcome obstacles, have healthy relationships, get well and stay well. It means talking about what mental illnesses feel like, giving a voice to feelings and fears, and to hopes and dreams. And it means changing the trajectories of our lives for the better, and helping those we love change theirs.

If you or someone you know is strugging with a mental health issue, LifeMatters can help. Call 24/7/365.

1-800-634-6433  -  -  Text "Hello" to 61295

Weekly Resources, Events, and Articles

Week 1: May 1, 2019

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Workplace Wellness

Do you get the Sunday Scaries? Studies have increasingly shown that bring unhappy with or unfulfilled by work can take a toll on our mental health, relationships, and even lifespan. On a daily basis, we spend more waking hours in our workplace than at home, and experience more exchanges with team members than family members. This article, posted by Mental Health America, brings awareness to workplace mental health awareness including causes and how to counterbalance those dreaded Sunday Scaries.


Week 2: May 8, 2019

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Webinar - The Many Faces of Mental Health

Mental illness can be deceptive, hidden behind smiles, laughter, and general conversations. This webinar, hosted by our Employee Assistance Provider, Empathia, will give you the tools and resources needed to recognize if you or someone you know needs help, develop a supportive attitude, and aide in destigmatizing mental illness.




Week 2: May 15, 2019

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Essential Oils Demonstration

Join OHR and Campus Recreation as we host a demonstration on how to utilize Essential Oils in your daily life to bring calm, restore energy, and gain mental clarity. In this class you will learn about the different types of oils proven to have profound effects on mental health and how to make an oil blend you can take with you in times of need. Participants will be able to customize their own free sample!

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Week 3: May 22, 2019


Yoga for Mental Health

It should come as no surprise that the various forms of yoga have long been acknowledged as allies in mastering the mind and coping with stress. Trials on yoga meditation and brain functioning have been conducted since the 1960's, with results showing an overwhelming improvement in participants mental health including anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder, among others. Join OHR and Campus Recreation in this month's yoga for mental health series.

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Week 4: May 29, 2019


Grief in the Workplace

Coworkers and supervisors are often at a loss as to how to react in the wake of a loss, leaving a bereaved coworker to become an elephant in the room. Paula K. Bunn, Manager of the Center for Compassion at The Elizabeth Hospice, will be on campus to give us the skills needed to support, advocate, and better understand how to support grieving coworkers.

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