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Team - Education; Middle School Mathematics

EDMS 543 Middle School Mathematics Education

TEAM: Rong-Ji Chen, Brian R. Lawler, and Ingrid Flores

In the fall semester, there are usually 4 sections of EDMS 543. The total number of students is about 120.
In the past 8+ years, we have used as a primary textbook: Van de Walle, Karp, & Bay-Williams, (2013)."Elementary and middle school mathematics: Teaching developmentally."

The team pursued the CALM Project primarily due to the skyrocketing cost of this text, which ran anywhere from $150 - $195.  After searching the OER databases, which did not offer any useful resources, we selected 5 essential chapters from Van de Walle to create a custom bound copy available at the bookstore for $50. For other topics, we located two additional inexpensive books:

    • Kamii, C. (2004). Young children continue to reinvent arithmetic. (~ $25)
    • NCTM (2014). Principles to action: Ensuring mathematical success for all. (eBook, PDF, $5.00)

We also obtained the right to use a few videos (purchased and self-produced) and PDF documents. Journal articles available in the library databases from Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, Teaching Children Mathematics, and Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, are also incorporated into the course.