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Pamela Stricker

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Public problems and their policy solutions likely comprise some of the most contentious debates in contemporary American political dialogue. Students’ task in this course is to go beyond an ideological reaction to policy solutions to one of social scientific analysis, using the theoretical approaches to public policymaking. I recast the class to focus more on policy analysis, added High Impact Practices (HIP) components such as service learning, and learning modules like writing clearly, critical thinking, information literacy, career readiness and writing well for Public Policy. While I know this was not required of the grant, it provided me with the opportunity to make some changes to my class that I had wanted to make for a while, but had not made the time. It was a kick in the pants for me, and an opportunity to sit back and think about the class and how I can implement HIPs in a new way. As a result of CALM, students now have a cost of zero for the course. This class is taught at least once per year. My previous text, Public Policy: Perspectives and Choices, was $35. This fall, I have 40 students enrolled in the class, so students have saved $1,400 just this semester. The hard work and effort involved was worth it!