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Rafael Hernandez

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At the time of my application for CALM last year, the required textbook for my HD 301: Theories of Human Development course was an excellent resource that provided clear, engaging overviews and applications of foundational theories in our field. However, the high cost of this textbook was a significant barrier for many of my students. My ability to integrate innovative teaching strategies and resources for my students has grown significantly as I gained skills utilizing Cougar Courses tools, and implemented “flipped” classroom strategies, so I felt confident that I could locate and integrate free resources and make these materials available on Cougar Courses.  

During the spring 2015 semester I gathered readings, videos, and internet resources to replace my textbook completely and made these materials available at no cost to the students. Readings were gathered from the campus library, online journal article databases, online sources, and a few scanned PDFs of textbook chapters, in accordance with U.S. Copyright law and educational fair use guidelines. I used these new materials in my summer course for the first time. Students responded favorably to the course materials, as evident in the course evaluations. As a result of the elimination of my required textbook for this course, my students are each saving up to $200.50.