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Ranjeeta Basu

The course I CALMed down is ECON 441: International Trade. Although the book I used was the standard book in the field, it is not very accessible for students. For years, students have told me that they learned a lot more from my lectures than they did from the textbook. For a couple of semesters I tried not using a textbook at all and just relying on my class lectures but some students complained that they did need another source to complement my lectures. In other words, I have wanted to find an alternative to the textbook, which complements my lectures and at the same time is not so expensive for the students. After some searching of the available OER materials, I plan to drop the textbook and replace it with the following:

  1. A free online textbook available as a .PDF " International Economics: Theory and Policy", from, which students can download and annotate using one of the free PDF annotation tools. It covers most of the topics I need, and a free course on International Trade has additional resources like videos, lecture notes and quizzes.
  2. I will use one chapter from the textbook I use now, scanned and made available via the library electronic reserves
  3. Mini videos (Camtasia Relay) of some of my lectures so that students can go back and view it again if they missed something in class
  4. Free lectures/videos/games/animations of standard topics from and YouTube. I piloted many of these in the Spring 2014 semester.
  5. For the policies, I'll include current news articles and blog posts by Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman (author of the textbook I was using) as well as news articles by other authors.
Professor Basu