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Rodney Beaulieu

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To CALM Prior to CALM, I used a textbook that I originally thought would fit well with the array of topics in my course, but I soon learned it had to be supplemented because many important topics were missing. Moreover, many of the research findings reported in the textbook were outdated, requiring me to seek and provide current information. Because contemporary health concerns such as the Ebola virus are not presented in the textbook, I needed to supplement the course with current details.

Since CALMing down my course, all materials are provided online for free through Cougar Courses, using learning materials from various sources. Most of the materials I am using are public domain; they are readily available online from originating sources, such as agency websites. Videos are also available through YouTube hyperlinks, and several are streamed from the CSUSM Media Library. Journal articles are embedded in the course with a Permalink. A CSUSM librarian assisted me with my copyright questions and concerns.

The students who took the course during the Spring 2015 semester formally evaluated the course materials. Scores ranged from 4.7 - 5.0 on a 5.0 scale and students’ comments were positive. Thus, the entire process has greatly helped to save my students money without any negative impact.

Original textbook - Multicultural Health by Lois A. Ritter and Nancy A. Hoffman softcover cost, $74.54.

Current course materials cost = $0