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Ann René Elsbree, Pat Stall, Julie Rich & Jeff Heil

Ann Elsbree, Jeff Heil, Julie Rich and Pat Stall

The Single Subject Teaching Credential Program faculty wanted to tackle the 4 core courses that the single subject teacher candidates take in the Spring Semester.  The previous cost for the books for these four courses was $245.  Relying almost entirely on open education and library resources including YouTube videos, online websites and journals, free tools from Google, and library reserves, the team reduced the cost to less than $30 per student, piloting the changes in the 2014 Spring Semester. At our weekly Single Subject Program meetings we have discussed the impact of the changes for us as instructors, as well as for our teacher candidates. As expected, we are finding that some of the online materials were more effective than others. And for some themes we did not find resources that could stand alone, so we created websites to provide a collection of resources. 

As part of an Office of English Language Acquisition OELA Grant we have purchased iPads for our teacher candidates, so everyone has access to online content, but we have found that some candidates prefer the paper or computer format instead of an iPad. We as instructors realize we can do more to make our personally designed content more user friendly and accessible. We plan to make revisions for next year based on the feedback we receive this spring. Our teacher candidates will take an anonymous online survey to give us specific feedback.

Savings: from $41 to 32 per student  (x80 students =$3280 to 2560 per semester)