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Using ebrary Digital Texts

There are over 120,000 etexts in the Kellogg Library subscriptions.  The majority of these texts are part of the ProQuest ebrary collection, and many Faculty are assigning texts in this collection in place of publisher's textbooks. ebrary has developed a browser-based ereader platform with all the features you expect, including offline reading, highlighting, searching, notes and limited printing. To access these features, you'll need to create an ebrary account.  Use the how-to videos below to get started.

ebrary: create an account.

ebrary: Annotations, Highlights and Bookmarks

You can also download ebrary books for offline reading when the internet isn't available.  However, when reading the downloaded version, the features of the ebrary reader are not available to you.  When you download a book, it is "checked out" to you for 14 days, though it is still available for other students to read online, and checkout as well.   You can check the book back in at any time.  Once the 14 days has passed, the book will automatically be checked in, and no longer available to you offline.  You can checkout the book as often as you need to.

ebrary: Download/Checkout