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Teaching Methods and Techniques

Pedagogy: "the art or science of teaching; education; instructional methods."

Pedagogy is a systematic approach to creating an educational process that will lead to knowledge transfer - the appropriate reuse of knowledge and learning experiences gained in one setting to a variety of new situations.  An effective pedagogy includes the content elements and the strategy for presenting that content; how the elements are assembled to construct a scaffold for learning based on the principles of cognitive psychology, and finally how to evaluate whether that process is working as intended and leading to increased learning.

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There is a long standing tradition that instruction is "delivered" in a classroom, from an expert standing at a podium in front of the room while the students scribble madly trying to take down everything of importance. But today's instructional technologies, coupled with cognitive research findings are transforming teaching and learning.

One of the most powerful movements in education today is toward "learner-centered" or "active learning". Active learning requires a shift from simply "delivering instruction" to setting the conditions for the  process of engagement, application, syntheses and authentic understanding. Active learning can occur in any delivery format - classroom, blended or online. The common denominator is that students are "interacting" with their peers and real problems and issues in constructing knowledge and understanding.