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FAQs About Assignments

  • How do I grade the student submissions?

    To grade your student submissions, click into the assignment, and select Grade button. A window pops-up that will allow you to grade students easily. You will see the student’s paper and/or written submission on the right upper corner. You can click to open a file, and grade it or download it, depending on your setup. Simply put in a grade in the GRADE box and then hit Save and show next – to move to next student- or Save Changes to just grade that one student. The grades will automatically go into the gradebook column.
  • How do I allow a student a second attempt on an assignment activity?

    From inside your assignment, click on the View all submissions button. Check the box(s) for the student(s) you wish to give another attempt. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and under the “With Selected” drop down menu – choose “allow another attempt”. Select go. The student(s) will then be able to reattempt the assignment.