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Groups FAQs

  • Where are the settings for creating and managing groups and groupings.

    • Click on Participants from the block on the left side of your course.  If the block isn't visible, click the layers icon at the top left of the course to display it.  
    • Locate the settings icon (gear) at the top right of the Participants list. 
    • Click the dropdown and select groups.  
  • I set a forum to groups, but one or more of my students can't post to the forum.

    1) Verify the student is in a group.  

    2) If you are using the Q & A forum type, you must create the discussion for each group separately.  When you add a question to the Q & A forum, you must check the "Post a copy to all groups" checkbox located below the attachment field.  If you don't check this box when you create the question, you'll either have to manually copy/paste your question text into a new question for each group, or create a new forum.  Detailed instructions are available in the Faculty Guides>Forums> Setting Up Forums. Scroll to the Using the A & A forum section.  

  • Can I set an assignment to groups? 

    Yes, see the Faculty Guides> Assignments & Turnitin – Creating and Adding Assignments. 
  • Can I set a Turnitin assignment to groups?

    As of now, Turnitin hasn't made this  possible. You will need to use the Assignment activity and set it to groups. See the Faculty Guides> Assignments & Turnitin>Assignments – Creating and Adding Assignments. 
  • How can I send an email to just one group?

    Click Participants from the left side block. Locate all the students in a group, using the Groups column.  Click the checkbox in front of their names.  Scroll to the bottom. In the "With selected users" dropdown, select Send a Message.   Type your message in the popup text field and click Send message.  This will send an email to their CSUSM email address.  
  • Can students be in more than one group?

    Yes, but only if each of the groups is used for a different purpose.  In other words, a student can't be in two groups for the same forum, but they can be in one group for Forum A and a different group for Forum B or Assignment C.  You must create groupings and put the related groups into a grouping.  So following the example above, you would create a grouping for Forum A and a different grouping for Forum B. See the faculty guides>Groups>Setting up Groups and Groupings.   
  • What if I want to use different groups for different activities?

    That's no problem.  You need to create the groups, create a grouping and add the groups for one activity into that grouping ( example, week 1 Forum) .  Repeat the process, creating new groups and a new grouping for the next activity. (example week 1 Assignment).    See the faculty guides>Groups>Setting up Groups and Groupings.   When setting up the activity, set it to groups in the Common Module Settings, and select the Grouping from the field below.