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Course Setup FAQs

Reusing Courses

  • Can you copy the content from one semester/section to another for me?

    With over 3000 courses each semester, we don’t have the manpower to do this for Instructors.  But we there are instructions you can use in the Faculty Guides>Course Setup section.  Use the Import process for courses from AY 16/17 up to and including last semester.  For earlier courses, use the Backup and Restore procedure.  You are also welcome to come to the Technology Resource Center and one of CC support people will walk you through the process.

  • How do I reorder sections of my course?

    With the editing on, you can click the 4-way arrow icon to the left of the section/topic name and drag the topic, but this might cause you difficulties if you have many items in your sections.  Instead of dragging the section to move it, click on the 4-way arrow icon.  It will display a list of all the sections  in your course, and you just need to click the section you want to be right above the new  destination of  the section you are moving.

  • Where are my old courses from AY 15/16 or earlier?

    Click the Previous courses link at the top of Cougar Courses.  Locate the link for the academic year containing the course you want.  Courses prior to Academic Year 2013/14 are no longer available.  

  • I'm having trouble backing up and restoring my course(s) from AY 2013/14 or AY 14/15.

    If you are off campus, you’ll need to use CougarApps to backup/restore these courses.  You must complete the entire backup/restore process from within CougarApps.   The instructions are available when you click the Previous Courses link in Cougar Courses, but if you’re not familiar with CougarApps we recommend you wait until you’re on campus, where CougarApps isn’t required to access these courses. 

  • I imported the wrong course. What do I do now?

    You can overwrite the content you mistakenly imported using the Backup and Restore instructions in the Faculty Guides>Course Setup section.     Backup the correct course and download the file.  During the restore process, in Destination window change the default setting from “Merge the backup course..”  to “Delete the contents of this course and then restore” Continue with the restore process. .  This will overwrite  all the content in the  wrong course with the correct course.  Turn It will also delete the course users (instructors and students) but the system will add them back within a few hours.  Until you are added back to the course, you won't have access.

  • My old course was in the grid format. What happened to the pictures when I imported it?

    You need to change your new course to the grid format before import, so the pictures have a place to go.   But you can recover them, they’re not entirely gone.  Turn the editing on and change your new course to the grid format.

    • Click on the Change Image link below the first empty grid.
    • In the file picker window, select Choose a File, then click on Server files. You should see a folder for each section of your course.
    • Click on the first folder: Course section. Inside that folder you’ll see a folder for each section of your course.
    • Click the folder that corresponds with your first empty grid, then select the image.
    • On the next screen, verify the file name is in the Save as field, and click the Select this file button.
    • Click Save changes button.

Setup Your Course

  • How do I change my course from topics to dates, the picture grid or collapsed topics?

    • Turn on the editing in your course.
    • In the Administration block, click Edit Settings.Turn thTurn
    • Scroll down to the Course format section.
    • Select the desired format from the Format dropdown.
    • Click Save and Display
  • How can I change the name of my course topics/sections?

    With the editing on, click the pencil icon to the right of the topic name.  Edit the text and hit the enter key on your keyboard to save your edit.  

  • How can I add a picture or text to a topic/section?

    To add additional text or images at the top of the topic/section:

    • Turn the editing on in your course.
    • Click on the Edit dropdown at the top right of the sectionwhere you wish to add the image and select Edit section.
    • Add your text and images into the summary section. Click the expand icon at top left of the text editor to display more options.
    • See the Faculty Guide>Cougar Courses Basics>Using the text editor for more information on adding images, tables, links. etc
  • How do I add more sections/topics to my course ?

    • With the editing on, scroll to the bottom of your course. Click the + sign in front of Add topics.
    • Select the number of sections to add Click Add topics. The new topics will be added at the bottom of your course.   
  • How do I delete unused sections/topics from my course?

    • Click the edit icon to the right of the topic.
    • Select Delete topic from the dropdown.

    Note: Deleting a topic will delete any content within the topic as well.


  • My block disappeared. How can I get it back?

    Note: If you switched your view to the student view, you will not see some blocks that are only visible to the Instructor. 

    • Check the “Add a block” button on the left  (or right) side of your course. If the block is listed, click to add it to your course.
    • If the block is visible but shows only the block name with no options/settings below it, click the settings dropdown at the top right of the block and select Show (block name) block.