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Email Replies to Forum Posts

New feature! Now you can send email replies to forum posts. When you receive an email notification of a Cougar Courses forum post, replying to that email will create a response post in the forum thread. 

Can a student reply to a News Forum post?

Only instructors can post to a News Forum. A student's email reply to a News Forum post never results in a post to the News Forum. When a student sends an email reply to a News Forum post, the email is sent to the instructor who posted to the News Forum. 

Can an instructor allow students to post in a News Forum?

No. News Forums are configured to allow instructor posts only. An instructor can add an additional forum to their course that allows student postings. See Setting up Forums

Can an attachment be added to a forum post through email?

Yes. A document attached to your email reply will also be attached to your forum post.

Can an image be included through email?

Yes. You must attach the image file to your email to have it included as an attachment in your forum post. An image placed in the body of your email reply (instead of being attached) will mostly likely not work and will display as a broken link in the forum post.

Does everyone see the email reply?

Your email reply becomes a post in a forum (unless it is a reply to an instructor's News Forum post). Everyone who has access to the forum will see the email reply as a forum post and everyone who is subscribed to the forum will receive an email notification containing your post.

How do I subscribe or unsubscribe from a forum?

See Forum Subscription and Tracking

How long is the delay between a forum post and an email?

Forum posts push out to email once an hour. When someone posts to a forum, it can take up to 60 minutes before an email notification is pushed out to your email. Due to this time delay, you may not be responding to the most recent posts in a forum when you send email replies to forum notifications. 

How long is the delay between a my email reply and my post showing up in the forum?

Within 60 minutes, your email reply to a forum notification will be displayed as a post within the forum. 

What about groups? Will my email reply just go to members of my group?

Email replies become a post in a forum. If your forum is private to a group, only your group members can subscribe to the forum and receive email notifications containing forum posts. 

Will my email address be displayed in the forum?

If your email account is Microsoft Outlook (faculty/staff), then yes, your email address will be displayed in the post. If your email account is Gmail (student), then no, your email address will not be displayed in the post. The email address of every class participant can be found in the Participants link in the course.

Will students see email replies to a Q&A forum before they post themselves?

No. Even if a student is subscribed to a Q&A forum, he or she will not receive emails containing posts made by other students until he or she makes his or her own post to the forum. 

What if I forward my email to another email address? Can I respond from that email?

No. It will bounce. An email replies only works if it comes from the email address associated with your account in Cougar Courses.

What if I have my forum subscription preference set to digest?

An email reply to a digest will bounce. If you wish to send email replies to forum posts, see Forum Subscription and Tracking to change your preferences. 


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