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Tools for Lecture Capture

Tools for Videocapture

  • At CSUSM, the Mediasite Desktop Recorder is a tool available to faculty (and students) for recording screen captures and audio of your presentations. The recordings are stored on My Mediasite,  your personal webportal to upload and manage your media content.  While My Mediasite does provide some capability to edit your videos,  if you're looking for more advanced capabilities,  faculty can also download Camtasia Studio from the Campus software page. 
  • Zoom, a webconferencing tool free to all CSUSM faculty and students can also be used to record presentations.  Recorded presentations can be uploaded to YouTube as unlisted, and do not come up in search results. 
  • EdPuzzle is a free online tool that allows you to take existing videos from YouTube, Khan Aademy and many other websites, add your voice, insert comments and questions and track the students views and question responses.  This 7 minute tutorial will get you started.

Best Practices for Lecture Capture