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Technologies & Tools

Instructional Development Services supports the technologies below. For more information on one of these, click the icon or select a link from the left-hand navigation. 

For information on studio production recording, events recording or video equipment checkout, visit the Media Production and Delivery site or contact Media Production Services. 

For information on additional webconferencing/videoconferencing tools, visit the Collaborative Systems pages.

Cougar Courses logo
Cougar Courses (CC) is our customized version of the Moodle learning management system. Cougar Courses can support any course design from face-to face to fully online, combining your uploaded resources with built-in activities focused on interaction and collaborative student work. You'll find instructions and help in the Faculty and Student how-to guides on the CC site at the top. See the Training and Support tab for upcoming workshops on using CC or stop by the Technology Resource Center during open labs for some immediate help.
icon of mediasite desktop recorder
Mediasite Desktop Recorder allows you and your students to easily record and view lectures or presentations from almost anywhere."Flip" your class by recording your lectures for students to view as homework, freeing up class time for more active learning. Help students master difficult concepts by producing mini-lectures or tutorials they can view as often as needed.  Students can record their presentations so they can be viewed asynchronously by other students. Mediasite  Desktop recordings are uploaded to our secure Mediasite server and available to you from your personal My Mediasite webportal. 
Zoom is a web conferencing tool freely available to CSUSM faculty and students using your campus logins. Use this tool for real-time online meetings/screen sharing and collaboration. You can integrate a permanent link to your Zoom meeting room in your Cougar Course or create individual meeting sessions as needed. This series of video tutorials can help you get started using Zoom.
Turnitin logo
Turnitin is a plagiarism prevention, detection, and online grading tool available within Cougar Courses. When a student uploads a paper, Turnitin automatically checks it against billions of webpages, publications and student papers and delivers a similarity score. The Grademark feature allows you to create rubrics, quickly grade using drag and drop comments, type feedback or record audio feedback.  Scores automatically transfer to your Cougar Courses gradebook.
respondus logo
Respondus Lockdown Browser is similar to the Safe Exam Browser.  Available in Cougar Courses from the Add a Block dropdown, Respondus must be selected when setting up your quiz.  You can also enable the Respondus Monitor function, which records students via their webcam during the exam. Respondus  Lockdown is installed on all CSUSM lab computers.  Instructions for use can be found in both the faculty and student guides.
i-clicker logo
iclicker 2 (handheld device) and iclicker cloud (mobile and laptops)  is a  student response system that allows the instructor to pose questions, collect and analyze the students' responses to a number of different question types  during class. The results can be displayed in graphical form on the classroom projection system in real-time.  The system also supports self-paced quizzing and the results can be exported to your Cougar Course gradebook. Participants can take quizzes containing up to 99 questions.  Three decades of studies have consistently documented positive results associated with the use of student response systems in lecture courses, including increased engagement, student satisfaction and conceptual gains.The iclicer cloud instructor software is needed to run iclicker from a laptop or instructor station.  Students leave class with every question you ask to be used as a study guide. You can also choose to provide students with the correct answers and control when students receive the study guide.
Poll everywhere logo
Poll Everywhere is an online service that takes advantage of a technology most students already bring to class - their mobile devices.  Students submit their responses to your questions by texting the unique numerical identifier associated with that answer choice.  The response graphs dynamically update to display the latest responses on the classroom display system.
SoftChalk Cloud logo
SoftChalk is an easy to use e-learning authoring tool that allows you to build, interactive and engaging e-learning content with minimal time, effort and resources. Incorporate text, video, audio, images, quizzes and  built in interactions and Build, customize and personalize content by mashing up their own materials with rich media (video, audio, images), interactive activities, quizzes and text. SoftChalk Cloud allows you to store your content in the cloud, access it from anywhere, link it into multiple Cougar Courses and transfer student quiz results into your gradebook.
ARC GIS logo
ArcGIS is a geographic information system (GIS) platform used for working with maps and geographic information.  It can be used to create and view multi-layered maps, add pop-up information, compile and analyze geographic data and share it online.  Incorporate maps from the GIS community into your presentations or use the vast array of information available from the Community Analyst database to create your own. The GIS teaching lab in SBSB can be reserved for GIS instruction and student project support.  For more information about incorporating GIS into your course, contact