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Student Presentations Toolkit

decorative picture-presentation screenStudent presentations have many benefits for students, including: 

  • developing leadership skills
  • increased self-confidence and ability to articulate their ideas
  • practice in planning, preparation and performance
  • gaining technology skills required in the workplace

This guide aims to provide Instructors and students with the guidance and tools they'll need to organize, plan, deliver and assess presentations.


Presentations - Assignment Guide
Toolkit for Team Projects

Assessment Tools

Presentation Rubric from U. of N. Carolina - Five categories of criteria rated from outstanding to poor.

Oral Presentation Rubric, College of Science, Purdue U.   - Downloadable PDF form with 5 scale rating

Presentation and Teamwork Rubrics from U. of Wisconsin



Presentations: Planning and Design Guide


Poster Perfect - How to drive home your science with a visually pleasing  poster

Scientific Poster Layout and Design  from shows multiple layouts, include tips on fonts and color selection.

 Software & Websites for Creating Presentations - easy

Canva allows you to select from over 20 free presentation layouts, upload your own images, give editing capability to others, and share the link or download the finished presentation as a PDF or a series of images.

Google slides -easy 

Google slides let you edit with others at the same time.  You can also upload and edit  PowerPoint files.
Help Center

PowerPoint - moderate difficulty

Download Microsoft Office 365 on the campus software page
Powerpoint Video Training from Microsoft

Design Assets


Fair Use of copyrighted Images  - over 220 million free downloadable stock photos
Pixabay - pictures, illustrations, and vector graphics, with a  Creative Commons “No Rights Required” license (CCO)
Pikwizard - More  photos carrying  a CC0” license 

Freepik - Free vector art, illustrations, icons, and photos


About Font Selection

Color schemes


100 brilliant color combinations


 Powerpoint Presentation Templates

50 Best Places to Download Free PowerPoint Templates

Want to create your own?  Mastering the Slide Master



Managing Presentation Nerves

Recording Software

Mediasite Desktop Recorder - available to all students for download.  Recordings are stored on the Mediasite server and are also available for download. 

Zoom is the CSUSM video conferencing solution. With Zoom you don't need to be in the same location to record a presentation with your team members.  You'll find instructions in the  Student Guides>Media Tools section.

For assistance contact


Team Presentations

10 rules for presenting as a team

Tips to tie a team presentation together



Creative Commons License
This work by Susan Wilson builds on the efforts of Jennie Goforth and Suchi Mohanty at U. of N.C., guides. and is  licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.