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Archived - Fall 2018 - IITS Facts and Stats

Last updated June 2019

IITS  collects and reports on service metrics to help analyze trends and overall performance of services and processes.  The service metrics and measurement reports align to the IT Strategic Plan goal to provide increased transparency and to better inform the campus community about system usage trends over time.

stats iconFall 2018 Semester Stats

Security - Spam and Phishing

  • Almost 98,000 phishing emails were quarantined.
  • About 72,000 phishing emails were sent to junk email folders.
  • There were over 4,000 incidents of malware detected in campus  emails. 


  • IITS Supports over 3,800 email mailboxes with a total storage of about 15 TB of data.
  • The campus community primarily uses Microsoft Office 365 Outlook to manage their emails.  
  • The campus users read a total approaching 7.5 Million emails read per semester which is approximately 50 emails per person per business day.  

Qualtrics Surveys 

  • Since the start of Fall 2018, 55 students, 77 staff and 172 faculty created surveys.
  • During the Fall semester, there were 921 surveys created and 39,773 responses were collected.

Accessibility and Instructional Materials

  • Over 15,000 webpages and web content are checked for common accessibility issues on a twice monthly basis.
  • The number of students using the etext service has grown by 43% in the last 2 academic years. 
  • In Fall 2018 IITS processed over 300 books.
  • IITS currently supports 62 students registered in 430 courses for Fall 2018.

Media Delivery

  • The # of recordings viewed has been a steady increase throughout the past 4 semeters. 
  • For Fall 2018 there were 50,688 recordings viewed and 4,391 recordings watched.
  • 27,719 hours were spent watching media recordings
  • There were 1,398 presentations recorded and 
  • 592 hours spent watching the presentations 

Web Conferencing

  • There were over 3,000 web conferences using Zoom
  • The total # of meeting minutes almost 900,000.  

Campus Printing

  • Consistent with last semester, there were over 600,000 pages printed using Pay for Print. 

data iconCompare from Year to Year - 2018

Campus App  Campus App Activity  

The Campus App utilization has been higher this academic year with almost 2,000 daily users in the Fall 2018.  In addition, students have viewed the Virtual ID almost 30,000 times and generated over 5,000 ID's.  Cougar Courses is the most popular feature used by students in the App.  

Efficient Power Management!

  • The campus uses the Verdiem application power management and control software.  Without the Verdiem power saving plans, we would be paying 36.27% more in electical costs.
    • A total savings of $45,205. 

Campus Administrative Systems Metrics

  • Docusign - The system for tracking electronic exchanges of electronically signed documents.
    • There are over 3,000 envelope signer accounts to manage.  In 2018, the number of envelopes sent was 11,060.   
  • PeopleSoft Student - application upgrades and updates are a tremendous effort to make sure they are implemented smoothly and tested thoroughly.   The team upgraded PeopleTools once this year and the GreyHeller integrated firewall once this year.  Each of these implementations take months to complete.  
    • There are 48 Oracle maintenance packs completed on a yearly basis to keep the campus production instance updated. 
  • RaDAR Data Warehouse RaDAR (Reporting and Data Analytics Repository) is the campus business intelligence portal, providing a secure interface for the campus community to browse, request, and run data warehouse reports and dashboards.
    • There are 7 Billion rows of data extracted from almost 600 PeopleSoft tables every month. 
    • Total of about 1.4 TB every month!

Campus Phone System

IITS serves the campus community providing office phones, voicemail, fax lines, modem lines, mobile devices, conference services, classroom phones, and operator services.

(These are Year to Date Totals)
# of Outbound Telephone Calls 422,260
# of Inbound Telephone  Calls 260,897

Support Includes

  • 1900+ Desk Phones
  • 300+ Cell Phones

Web search stats for 2018:

The total number of page views was 15,789,723 with a total of  2,261,941 uniques sessions.  

There were just short of 950,000 searches done this year, below are the search statistics: 

Top search terms this year:

  1. Library (5,855)
  2. Parking (4,625)
  3. Cougar apps (3,156)
  4. Career center (3,137)
  5. Nursing (2,889)

Top 3 websites navigated or searched in 2018:

  1. el (1.3M) 
  2. admissions (0.59M) 
  3. nursing (0.46M)

Campus Wi-Fi Statistics

Unplanned wireless outages are rare at CSUSM.  Additional trends for network usage are the following:

  • Top Applications UsedThe trend continues to be that Netflix and Instagram are the top applications utilized by the campus community, followed by YouTube.
  • iPhone or Android?40% of all devices that connect to the CSUSM network are iPhones. The total number of Android devices connected to the network was significantly lower compared to 2017 (dropped by about 50%).
  • Network Usage Statistics  - These network usage statistics are similar to last year 
    • Total inbound network traffic was  337.0T and the total  outbound 46.8T 
    • The most popular indoor spot on campus to connect to the wi-fi is the Kellogg Library. 
    • For outdoor wireless usage, the most used area for outdoor wi-fi connections is the USU rooftop patio. 

Technology Support Services

  • Mon - Thurs 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday 8:00 - 5:00 pm
  • Closed Sat/Sun & Campus Holidays