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Ten Things You Didn't Know Moodle Can Do

 Many instructors are not fully aware of the tools/features of Cougar Courses (Moodle) and how they can be used to streamline course design and grading so instructors can focus on teaching.

  1. Whole Forum Grading
  2. Rubric Grading - quickly grade assignments and forums using a series of criterion with levels of achievement for each.
  3. Drag and drop due dates on calendar
  4. Analytics - reports provide an overview of what is happening in your course and identifies struggling students.
  5. Grade Me - quickly find assignments that need to be graded
  6. Completion Progress - tracks students' completion of items in the course.
  7. Due Dates Report - change due dates on the same page
  8. Attendance - take attendance online, view the attendance record for individual students or all students, and for students to view their own attendance record.
  9. Gradebook - import grades from Excel, drop lowest scores, manually grade items in the gradebook, add extra credit
  10.  Calendar - different methods for students to know what is due. Deadlines on course homepage or export calendar to calendar app


  1. Student shortcuts for navigating Cougar Courses.
  2. Questionnaire and Feedback tools for collecting formative assessments.
  3. Book - create multi-page resources with a book-like format and table of contents. Multimedia may be embedded and books may be printed entirely or by chapter.
  4. Lesson - instructors create 'branching' exercises where students are presented with content and then, depending on their responses, are directed to specific pages. The content may be text or multimedia or both. Assessments can be integrated within the content provided.
  5. Workshop - peer review assessment activity that provides opportunity for students to give feedback with or without allocating points.
  6. Assignments - download for offline grading