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Media Equipment Checkout

Checkout Equipment

The IITS Help Desk is open by appointment only from 10:00 am-4:00 pm, Monday – Friday.

Help Desk services include providing loaner equipment, in-person repairs, and other technology support. 

The good news is that CSUSM continues to provide laptops and other IT hardware for loan to students who require that technology to learn in a virtual environment.  To find out more about your options, please visit our Home Technology Loan page to begin the loan process.


  • Media equipment, laptops, and iPads, among other items, are available for checkout from the Student Technology Help Desk (2nd floor, Kellogg Library, x4790).  Students, faculty, & staff must present their CSUSM ID or digital ID (CSUSM app). Equipment types have varying lengths of checkout periods. 
  • These items are available for campus-related projects and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 
  • The check-out time for most items is one week (some items are available on a 3-hour basis). 
  • To ensure equipment is available for all campus patrons, equipment can be renewed one time before it must be returned.
  • If the check-out items are returned late, you will incur a fine not to exceed the replacement cost of the equipment.  If equipment is not returned and/or fines are not paid, we will consult Student Financial Services to review payment recovery options which may include registration holds.
  • This equipment checkout is subject to the campus acceptable use policy.

Checkout Agreement

  • Checkout Agreement


    I understand I am required to display my valid CSUSM identification in order to check out equipment and that this equipment is only issued to enrolled CSUSM students, faculty or staff. I further understand that I am not allowed to check out equipment if I have any overdue item(s) or fine(s).  I also understand that any communications between the campus and the borrower will be through my official student, staff or faculty email account (i.e., or

    Late fees accrue at $2 per hour, per item, for all media equipment and $10 per hour for laptops.

    I assume full responsibility and financial liability for all the equipment and accessories borrowed during the time it is checked out to me.

    • I understand that any contents on the equipment will be erased to preserve my privacy and to prepare the equipment for another user to use.  I understand I am responsible for backing up data prior to returning the item.
    • I understand that the equipment and all accessories must be returned by the due date to the location from where the equipment was borrowed.
    • I understand fines begin accruing as soon as the equipment is overdue and that I am responsible for paying all fines.  I further understand a hold will be placed on my records, barring me from registering or receiving a transcript, until I pay this fine in full.
    • I understand that I will return the device in the same condition in which I received it.  If it is not returned in the same condition, I agree to reimburse Cal State San Marcos for the loss of, or damage to, any equipment checked out to me.  Charges will include replacement or repair costs and shipping costs.  I understand a hold will be placed on my records, barring me from registering or receiving a transcript, until I fully reimburse the University for any loss or damage.
    • I acknowledge that when I return the equipment, a staff member will verify all parts are present and that the equipment is in good working order.  I will be required to remain with the staff member until this check-in is completed. During the check-in process, I may request a receipt, acknowledging the return of the equipment. 
    • I understand and will comply with the CSUSM  campus acceptable use policy.
    • I understand I can appeal a fine within 30 days of the due date by using the Equipment Checkout Appeal Form.
    • I understand that if I tamper with this device and/or its contents, I will be barred from future equipment checkout privileges and may be subject to campus disciplinary procedures.
  • Estimated Replacement Value for Checkout Equipment

    Estimated Replacement PRices
    Item Price
    PC Laptop $1500
    Monitor $250
    Docking Station $180
    Webcam $45
    Headset $100
    iPad $350

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