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DUO Activation Page

If you have recently set up and tested Duo for CSUSM, you do not have to perform any additional actions.


If you need to reset your Duo because you now have a differnet mobile device, visit our Help Desk.


 Enrolling in Duo is a quick process that takes only a few minutes. 

Step 1: Log in to your MyCSUSM

Step 2: Click on DUO Self Enrollment, located under Quick Links.

student Center Duo link

Step 3: Select Register Smartphone with app in the How do you want to enroll in MFA? menu.

Step 4: At the bottom of that screen, select the mobile phone number that you will use for DUO.

Step 5: Click Enroll

 Duo set up screen 1

Step 6: Follow the instructions to download the DUO mobile phone app and enroll in DUO.

Duo setup screen 2


If you encounter any issues enrolling in Duo, please contact our Helpdesk Monday-Friday 8am-5pm using the contact info below:

Chat: Helpdesk Teams Chat (Instructions on how to access via Microsoft Teams)
Email: (fac-staff)
Email: (students)

Phone: 760.750.4790



If you cannot or do not want to install the Duo Mobile app on your phone, please email and request a key fob, a physical object that provides passcodes. If you select the key fob option, you will be required to physically visit campus to receive it.  



  • If you're locked out of DUO, please wait 90 minutes and try logging in again.
    • After 90 minutes have passed, if you are using DUO push and getting locked out, try to use the Passcode method instead. 

Duo locked out banner  


  • Where do I go to install the app on my Mobile Device?

  • Do I need a smartphone to use Duo?

    If you have no smartphone, your smartphone is too old (iOS 10 and older or Android 5 and older), or you would prefer not to use your personal smartphone with the Duo Mobile app, you may request a hardware token (key fob) to use instead.  

    Faculty/Staff :

    Students :

  • What Happens If I Lose or Forget My Phone?

    If you lose your phone or suspect it has been stolen, contact the helpdesk at 760-750-4790 immediately. The team can disable your phone from being able to authenticate with multi-factor authentication and can assist you with logging in with another method.

  • How do I allow my Duo on my browser to remember me for 24 hours?

    To avoid being prompted by Duo multiple times a day, select the checkbox next to Remember Me for 24 hours during log-in.

    Due to some technical limitations on Remember Me for 24 hours:

    • It won’t carry over between different computers, or when switching between web browsers (from Chrome to Firefox, for example).

    • It may not carry over between different internet providers, campus services, if you block cookies, or are using Incognito mode.

  • What if I need to change my phone number?

    Please contact the helpdesk at 760-750-4790. After verifying your identity, we will change your phone number and also assist with setting up Duo Mobile.

  • What if I cannot scan the QR code?

    If you are unable to scan the QR code for any reason, there is alternative way by sending a code to your CSUSM email:

    1. When you are prompted in the CSUSM app, click "Take me to Duo mobile"

    Take me to Duo


    2. Next, you will be prompted to scan the QR code, but since you are on the mobile device and cannot scan it, click the link Email me an activation link instead.

    Email Duo Code


    3. Please input your CSUSM email address to send the code to. Once you receive that code, please input that code on the following screen. You will then have activated Duo!

    Input Email Code

  • Duo gave me a prompt "We have detected some security issues with your device"

    If you are getting prompted by Duo at the bottom of the Duo Mobile app, click "Fix Now" 

     iOS Fix Now

    It will show exactly what the issue is (below is an example of iOS being out of date)

     iOS issue detected

    Below explains the importance of updating the OS version of your phone to ensure attackers cannot exploit vulnerabilities.

    why should I update iOS screen

  • What if I don't have a cellular connection?

    The DUO mobile app has a feature that will give you a special number to input for offline use. 

    Take me to Duo

  • If you require assistance from an administrator

    Please fill out this MFA Identity Verification Form. Once the form is submitted, our staff will review the submission and attempt to verify your identity using our verification tool.  If successful, we will contact you using the provided email address to send updates regarding your request to modify MFA settings.

    MFA Identity Verification Form