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Standard method to unlock, reset, or change your password. 

Change Password

Working from home instructions/steps for updating your password and keeping systems in synch

Student Password Reset

Students that have not setup their security questions for their account cannot reset their own password and must use this form to request assistance. 

Password Reset Request Form

For more info, watch our How-To Reset your Password Video.


How to Protect Your Username and Password

Your username, email address, and password are valuable elements to your online experience and security, so please take steps to protect them. You can help protect your identity and your information by following a few simple rules:

  1. Use your campus email address primarily with websites associated with your campus-related services and assigned instructional websites.
  2. Create a strong password that is hard for someone to guess. How? Follow the rules you will find when you use our Change Password process. 
  3. Do not use your campus username and password on any other non-CSUSM related websites, tools, or apps. Why? If those websites are hacked, then someone can use that info to access your CSUSM accounts.
  4. Do not reuse old passwords. Why? Old passwords are often compromised and hackers will try using them to gain access to your information. 


Why Do I Have to Change My Password?

We have an obligation to protect information stored on our computer systems from unauthorized access. We require all Faculty and Staff members to change their password every 12 weeks (84 days).

How Will I Know When It's Time to Change My Password?

You will receive email warnings before your password expires. These warnings will be sent on the following days:

  • 30 days to password expiry
  • 14 days to password expiry
  • 7 days to password expiry
  • 1 day to password expiry

What Will Happen If I Don't Change My Password Before It Expires?

If you still have not changed your password by the third warning, your account will be disabled -- you will not be able to log into your computer, your email,, and other university systems.

Can I Share My Password?

No. Sharing passwords is a violation of the Computer Equipment Access Policy.  By sharing your password with anyone, you are giving that person access to your email,, and other confidential resources to which you have been granted access.


Faculty/Staff Locked Computer Notice

The campus has changed "your computer is locked" policy due to the number of unsuccessful attempts to login.  A new "soft-lock" policy has been introduced in order to reduce the number of lockout attacks we've been seeing for the past few months. This change has been approved by the CISO.

The new policy is as follows:

  • 7+ bad login attempts results in an account lock
  • 6 bad login attempts results in a "soft-lock", which clears in 10 minutes
  • 4 bad login attempts originating from non-US IPs will be blocked. The behavior is the same as the “soft-lock" above, and will clear in 10 minutes.

It is important to read  information on steps to change your password. Enrollment is required in order to setup the self service reset challenge questions whereby you can change you own password immediately.