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Academic Technology Services

IITS works closely with the Faculty Center to provide instructional technology support and guidance with the integration of emerging technology. Visit the new website to learn more about this collaboration.

Instructional Development Services

Whether you’re a Cougar Courses novice looking for some basic training, or an experienced user wanting to explore new features or create multimedia learning objects, our professionally trained and highly experienced Instructional Developers will provide you with personalized support and are eager to help you find inventive and effective solutions for your project.

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Instructional Media Production

Media Production Services (MPS) puts together all of the pieces you need to produce media for the modern online environment.

Not sure what media can do, or how to branch out into new areas? Let us help. It's like having your own private media consultants. Let's sit down and talk about your goals and see how to match them to appropriate technologies.

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Production Services (MPS) ...

Smart Classroom Technology

One of the great things about teaching and learning at CSU San Marcos is that ALL of the classrooms on campus are "smart." A great deal of time and effort goes into designing and creating learning spaces that work with you. We strive to ensure that all the things you'll need end up in the right places, we constantly update our knowledge to stay current in this rapidly changing tech-world, and we refresh classroom systems on a regular basis.

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Data-driven Mapping (GIS)

GIS is making interesting and informative maps with data. While GIS technology is an obvious tool for geographers, a growing number of people from other disciplines are finding ways to incorporate GIS into their work. During the 2012-2014 Academic Years, faculty used GIS in their courses for the following subjects: Liberal Studies (Geography), Sociology, Political Science, History, Kinesiology, Biology, Anthropology, Marketing, Visual & Performing Arts, Physics and Economics.

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California State University San Marcos prides itself on providing a nurturing academic setting for all students. With this wide audience range in mind, CSUSM also pays careful attention to making sure that its campus facilities, along with online content, is accessible to those with special needs.

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Active Learning Classrooms

Active Learning Classrooms (ALC) are a popular concept in higher education. The idea is to free instructors from the limitations of the fixed-row lecture room, and allow more creative and collaborative uses of the space with flexible furniture, writing surfaces, and participatory technology. Students can work in teams, and flipped classroom modes work well too.

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Collaboration Systems

Web conferencing allows you to share voice, video, and screens with others using a variety of devices, including: Desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices (iOS and Android).

Pretty much anywhere you have good networking bandwidth you can collaborate with others: A classroom, a conference room, your office, at home, or on the road.

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