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DVD/VCR Removal

Beginning in Spring 2017, VCR's will be removed from classrooms and VHS will no longer be supported by IITS. (DVD's may still be played in the desktop PC for the time being). This decision was made due to the general move towards digitial media over analog as well as the ever increasing fragility and fickleness of existing VHS tapes and current unavailibility of both new VHS tapes and VCR's (both are no longer in production). NOTE: While DVD's are currently still supported, there may be a time that Instructor Station computers's no longer have DVD drives (Apple has already done this), at which point they would also need to be digitized.

While we realize this will create an inconvenience, there are numerous ways that digitzing VHS tapes benefits you: 

  • Digital Files don't wear out and you don't have to worry about the player eating the tape
  • You can easily jump to any point within the video using the online player. Plus there is no need to rewind
  • Your file can be played on any computer as long as you have access to Cougar Courses
  • Your file can be viewed by students on campus or at home via your Cougar Course (please double check copyright concerns with the media library)

There are a few options available to help you get your existing media transfered to a digital format:

Media Library

  • The CSUSM Media Library (Link), in KEL 2103, is able to digitally transfer any commercial VHS (or DVD) that you have and turn it into a file accessible via Cougar Courses
    • If the Media Library is unable to assist, the MPS team (Link) is sometimes able to digitize special content.


  • Search Youtube (Link) to see if your video has already been uploaded online.
    • You can either play it directly from Youtube or contact us to discuss ways of downloading pre-existing online content.

DVD / Streaming

  • Most commercial films are readily available on DVD, often for reasonable prices. Additionally, many are available via streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.
    • NOTE: DVDs, like VHS, may be phased out someday and will then need to be digitzed
    • NOTE: Even if a title is available streaming now, it may not be in the future (sometimes streaming rights expire).


  • Should a VHS tape absolutely need to be shown in the classroom, you may checkout a VCR from the Student Technology Helpdesk (link) on the 2nd floor of the Kellogg library.
    • Please note this will be a single day checkout and not semester long.

Please Contact Media Production Services ( or Classroom Technology Services ( with any questions, concerns, or to recieve assistance.