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eAdvising Initiatives Projects

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A set of projects to ensure students, staff, and faculty have timely and accurate information regarding student progress towards program completion by providing technical tools for student success.

  • Academic Requirements Report
  • Degree Planner
  • Schedule Assistant

Business Intelligence

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Building upon of our existing data warehouse environment, the business intelligence project will provide timely access to data and visualization tools necessary to satisfy the tactical and strategic data analysis to facilitate student success and enrollment management.

Electronic Content Management (ECM)

Electronic Content Management (ECM)

Provide image capture and management along with electronic forms workflow to automate business processes and reduce the use of paper forms.

Web and Search Projects

An enhanced search will be applied to the campus website in Fall 2015 to allow for faceted results and searching within specific departments. A new mobile-first designed set of templates will be made available to the campus for implementation during the Summer 2015 semester.

Refresh Program

The IITS refresh program replaces computers on campus every four years. This includes computers used for teaching in labs, as well as the ones on faculty and staff desktops. This refresh program ensures that student learning is enhanced by working on modern machines, and also ensures that we are able to support a more stable and safer campus computing environment, since we will remain compatible with all of the most recent software, fixes, and security patches.

Cougars Affordable Learning Materials


CALM aims to aid faculty in replacing costly textbooks with lower cost alternatives by using high-quality open educational resources (OER), library resources, digital or customized textbooks, and/or faculty-authored materials. In the first year of CALM, 30 participating faculty have saved our students over $413,000.

Mobile device security

Campus Employees that use a mobile device to access campus email will be required to use an access code on their device. This preventive measure will ensure that in the event a mobile device is lost or stolen, campus data will not be exposed and/or campus resources (like email) will not be available to an unauthorized person.

Confidential Data Inventory

The Information Security Team is conducting a campus wide inventory survey to identify users who access confidential information. The results of the survey will be evaluated to reduce the risk of confidential data exposure.

Identity Finder

Identity Finder is a software package that scans for files that contain confidential data. The first phase of the Identity Finder rollout is to “clean up” any files that contain confidential data on campus department shares. The Information Security Team will be working with each department to identify files that contain confidential data and properly secure them.


Implement Eduroam for on campus wireless to allow user authentication with participating campuses.

Network Upgrades

Improve network infrastructure to increase speed and reliability. Redesign of network architecture to improve redundancy and reduce possibility of campus wide network interruption.

Wireless Upgrades

Improve wireless infrastructure to support emerging wireless technologies such as 802.11ac and Airplay. Increase speed and coverage with deployment of new access points and controllers.