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Instructional Materials

The California State University is committed to ensuring that all campus Information Resources and Technologies are fully accessible for persons with disabilities. This commitment reflects a goal to provide the most effective learning environment for all students--rather than simply to ensure compliance with various federal and state laws.

Instructional Materials (IM) are considered to be forms of communication and must therefore be delivered in a manner that is equally effective for persons with disabilities. Communication is considered to be equally effective when it is:

  • Comparable in quality to those received by students without disabilities
  • Comparable in timeliness of delivery and availability
  • Provided in a manner and medium appropriate to the significance of the message and the abilities of the person receiving the material

A Few Goals of ATI for Instructional Materials

A few of the most important goals are:

  • Timely adoption of textbooks and other instructional materials by faculty
  • Ensuring selection/ordering of textbooks and other instructional materials courses with late-hired faculty
  • Use of the campus learning management system for posting all required curricular and instructional resources
  • Incorporation of accessibility requirements for curricular review and approval